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What's stopping you from computerising your record keeping?

Long before the invention of computers business owners kept their accounts using pen and paper records. This was often time consuming and prone to error when transcribing these accounts into more meaningful financial reports such as the profit and loss statement and balance sheet. Nowadays, with the widespread use of computers and IT, the ability to computerise your record keeping is as simple as a click (acclique) of a button.

However, there are still a reasonable number of businesses who have not made the switch to a computerised accounting package. Why? A survey conducted in September 2002 posed an answer to that very question. The researchers found that the main reasons given for not using a computerised record keeping system were: Felt not needed/Satisfied with their present system 31.4% Lack of computer skills and knowledge 25.6% Cost 9.3% Lack of Time 8.1%

Many business owners who were older and less educationally qualified felt that they lacked needed computer skills whilst others felt that their business was too small to computerise. Often the businesses not using computerised record keeping were also much younger (<3 years old) with low levels of paperwork.

However, for those businesses that have computerised their record keeping they have found numerous benefits. Over 80% of the businesses surveyed agreed that the software package had helped make their business more efficient and that it helped them cope with the requirements of the GST and BAS. Most agreed that there was a positive impact on the business.

Given that most business owners implement the software themselves this reinforces the notion that accounting software packages available in the market place today are user friendly. Judy Harcher, CPA Australia’s business policy adviser, notes that “as more businesses are relying on computer records, accountants tend not to deal with the ‘shoebox brigade’ anymore”. Generally this allows the accountant to prepare the businesses tax return, financial statements and business activity statements with a much quicker turnaround.

One computer package in the market place dispels many of the reasons why businesses have not computerised their accounting records. Acclique (pronounced ‘a click’) is a simple, user friendly accounting software package developed right here in Australia. This nifty little package with its low price of $357 incl. GST has benefits galore. Most business owners who stated they were satisfied with their current manual system often lacked confidence in their computer/IT skills.

Acclique allows them to get over this hurdle by offering user-friendly menu options and entry screens that allow the user to enter their data with just a few clicks. This means business reports can be produced in double quick time allowing the business owner to more effectively manage their business. Acclique is so easy to use and install that training is generally not required; but with friendly advice only a phone call and email away there is no need to worry.

Business owners who lack the time to investigate and or implement a computer software package are likely to have difficulties finding time to manage other parts of their business. Computer packages such as Acclique can fill that gap by providing a relatively low cost software solution with high level benefits. For more information on Acclique visit [] today.

Prepared by Gwenda Jayawardhana, CPA

CPA Australia 'Use of Computerised Record Keeping in Small Business', September 2002 Small Business Research Program
Australian CPA Magazine 'Counting the cost of compliance' p59

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in this article is free from error, Jayatarras Pty Ltd and its employees do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information in this article. Jayatarras Pty Ltd does not accept any liability to any persons in relation to any action(s) taken on the basis of currency of material or any loss or damage suffered in connection with that material. You should make your own enquiries before entering into any transaction on the basis of the material in this article. This article is the copyright of Jayatarras Pty Ltd and may not be reproduced without prior written permission.

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